Are You Getting Good Proteins in Your Diet?


  • Chicken Breast (fresh and organic) – choose fresh and organic chicken rather than frozen chicken. Why?  Well, believe it or not, fresh, organic, never frozen chicken actually has flavor to it and is higher in essential fatty acids.  Frozen chicken draws out the freshness and lacks essential fatty acids.
  • Greek Yogurt – there is no reason for me to compare Greek yogurt to regular (American) yogurt. All I have to say is that regular yogurt is high in chemicals, very high in sugar and 20 letter words that have no nutritional value, and has less valuable protein then Greek yogurt.
  • Salmon (fresh and wild) – you are what you eat. Salmon are the same way, if they are farmed raised; they lack nutrients that they would find in the wild.  Basically, salmon that are farm fed cheaply are less nutrient dense than wild salmon (Omega-3 fatty acid).
  • Beef (Grass Fed-Beef) – Where’s the Beef? The majority of cows are fed on cheap grains.  Farmers get them really fat; they are miserable, are very unhealthy and lack nutritious protein.  When possible, choose grass fed beef; it’s healthier, has better flavor over grain fed cows, and is a richer source of protein.

Health Supplements

  • Multi Blend Protein Powder & Whey Protein Powder (if you need help picking a good protein powder, don’t hesitate to contact me. There are tons on the market that are full of junk fillers (flour) and chemicals (preservatives).  Picking a high quality and safe protein is hard.  At the studio we sell RESPECT from Pride Nutrition which is a good multi-blend protein, Pur-Native from Nutristat which is a good 100% grass fed whey protein, and Hemp Force from Onnit which is a good plant base protein supplement.