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6 Pack Abs in 4 weeks Body Transformation Program

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If you feel like you are:

  • gaining weight
  • feeling fat
  • slacking on a good nutritional diet
  • needing a kick-start into a progressive workout routine...

6 Pack Abs in 4 Weeks Body Transformation is for you!

This program is great to:

  • reboot your metabolism
  • get you into a healthy routine
  • get you to drop fat quickly
What do I get with the 6 Pack Abs in 4 Weeks Body Transformation Program?
  • Transformation Manual
    • how to properly plan your meals to work for your lifestyle
    • learn why each handpicked fresh whole food within the program is super important to your health, energy, and getting rid of fat.
    • learn what a cheat meal is and NO it is not about running to the nearest fast food restaurant and ordering the menu.
  • Grocery Lists
    • I give you exactly what you need each week in a pretty simple pdf list
    • 4 complete grocery lists, one for each week.  Shop for what is on the list and stay away from everything else.
  • Meal Plans
    • Don't worry about the stress on planning what to eat.  I planned it for you. From breakfast to dinner...you are all set.
    • you get one month of planned meals
  • Recipe Book
    • a lot of transformation programs forget about the recipe book but not this one
    • you will find out that these recipes are sooo simple that a 4 year old can make delicious healthy meals.
  • Workouts
    • 11 handcrafted with progression easy to follow workouts that get you building strength while super boosting your metabolism to a new level within 20 - 30 minutes a day.
    • Learn that is not about the length of the workout vs. it is about the quality of the workout.  Train Hard & Smart!
    • Each workout contains videos to help instruct the workout regimen and teach proper form of each exercise with purposeful progression.
  • 4 Amazing Weeks of Accountability 
    • I am going to stay in your inbox on a weekly basis giving you updates, motivation, goals, and overall help to make sure you are successful. 

Are You Ready For a NEW YOU!?!?!